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About Brutus2D
About Brutus2D.
Brutus2D is a programming language for the hobbiest game programmer.
It features a full set of BASIC language commands with additional commands to simplify the creation of two dimensional games.  Brutus2D is ideal for shoot-em up, side scroller, platform, puzzle and other types of games.

Small file size
Can create stand alone exe (once you register, USD $10)  ;-)
Full Screen or Windowed display
Floating point variables and math
BASIC commands (IF-Then, For-Next, Rnd, Sin, functions, subroutines, etc.)
Easy Graphics commands (setting up graphics, loading images,                                    manipulating images)
Sound - effects frequency, loop, position, pan, volume
Music - loop, tempo, volume
 Input - Mouse and Keyboard
Special effects (particle effects, fire, smoke, snow, rain, explode, custom)
DLL support
IDE - syntax coloring, debugger




You NEED the following:

Graphics card with 3D support (hardware support recommended, but software support will work, only slower)

Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or Newer properly installed

Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000

(Microsoft Windows Me, 98, or 95 MAY work if they have all the latest service packs installed including Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer.  Try it and see, but I make no guarantee)

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